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A new method of communication management, based on the Balanced Scorecard method, is on the run to conquer my media students and the leading media and communication agencies in Germany: the »Communication Scorecard«.

Communication affects every single value driver and thus itself becomes a crucial value-adding factor in a competitive environment in which products and services increasingly resemble each other. However, it must be closely linked to corporate management’s business parameters if it is to fulfil its intended purpose.

First Model Worldwide.

The Communication Scorecard® provides a new model for communication management, combining »soft« and »hard« factors. This makes communication controllable and measurable; communication and corporate strategy are interlocked.

The book is written clearly, is up-to-the-minute and has a sound scientific basis. The authors have considerable international experience in communication management and consulting.

The Communication Scorecard®, which is modelled on the Balanced Scorecard developed by Kaplan/Norton, is the first model worldwide to promise success by integrating communication controlled by measured variables into corporate strategy, thus traceably influencing growth in corporate value.

The authors:

  • Mark Sommerhalder, Ph.D., independent corporate communications consultant (Mark Sommerhalder Consulting and Steiner, Meili, Sommerhalder) in Zurich since 2003.
  • Ralf Hering, Managing Partner of HERING SCHUPPENER Unternehmensberatung für Kommunikation GmbH since 1995, Member of the Global Board of the GCI Group and AMO, a leading international financial communication network.
  • Bernd Schuppener, Ph.D., Managing Partner of HERING SCHUPPENER Unternehmensberatung für Kommunikation GmbH since 1995. Lecturer in Communication Management at the University of Leipzig since 2001.

138 pages, 11 illustrations, board-bound, EUR 27.50. Order online